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15 January 2014

WW1 Propaganda Posters: Travel the World, Eat more cottage cheese

Times change and in the early 1900's only the very fortunate, middle class and rich actually went on holidays. So a key plus for recruiting so called 'normal' infantry was the chance for them to travel around the world. Although most would end up in a small part of Europe in a wet trench.

Changing peoples diet was essential in maintaining resources going to the front line and keeping up the War effort. Explaining that eating less meat and viable alternatives such as cottage cheese can provide the protein needed.

4 January 2014

WW1 Propaganda: The Start of the Great War.

I like this one, if your man does not sign up for WW1 is he right for you? likely to neglect you  as he did his country?  Very much the duty of ALL men to sign up and fight the enemy.

This poster gives the real impression that signing up can be a man real prospects in life. Unskilled or not there was a place for you.

There were a number of WW1 posters referring to "Remember Belgium". At the start of WW1 Germany invaded Belgium with such brutality to civilians it was used as a tool across Europe to sign people up against the enemy for a number of years following the event.

4 January 2012

WW1 Propaganda Poster: Tobacco & Jobs!

"Help her fill a pipe". Another mind boggling poster where the need for men at the front to have tobacco was a real priority. The nurse helping the poor wounded solider so he can relax with a pipe, genius.

This is a poster created at the end of WW1. It's again pretty shocking to us now but I bet in its day people wouldn't think anything wrong with it. Never employee Germans, do not buy anything remotely German looking!