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12 September 2012

Stalingrad Now and Then (Volgograd)

It has more names than most cities but due to wars, change in countries etc we now have it named Volgograd since 1961. Stalingrad is one of the most famous battles in WW2. It lasted months and is well known for the number of casualties and ultimate defeat of the over stretched Germans on the eastern front.

Snipers played a huge part in this long battle. Moving from bullet / bomb broken building to building, it was an excellent environment to hide and snipe off soldiers from afar. After the war the city was left flattened, the buildings that were left were unstable. One famous building left to this day is:

It is part of a museum tour, where people can safely see first hand a typical war torn building from WW2. Note the bomb ridden roof and virtually every window as bullet marks around it. Snipers snipers snipers! No wonder tunnels and underground safe area's were often used for both soldiers and civilians.