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8 March 2014

WW1 Battlefield & Trench: Somme

Spanish clearing up some of the mess left on the battlefield at the Somme. A few things we notice similair to many other Somme photos is the total destruction of the landscape, boggy, mud, awful conditions for anyone.

Sadly not the best of photos but it convays over to us the reality of the Somme and other battlefields in WW1. Wire fence behind the water filled trench where lancfusiliers are patrolling.

22 August 2011

WW1 1916 Battle of Delville Wood

The battle of Delville wood was very near the Somme and brutal for all those involved. Not many survived but the mainly South African allied troops held on in the end against the Germans. Really telling photo, absolute devastation of the woods an carnage as far as the eye can see yet the troops are still manning the trench! Not much cover left from this part of the woods.

9 July 2011

Canadian soliders Somme WW1

I really like this photo, it tells us alot of things about the time and espcially how hard it was for those that were in battle at the Somme. Look at the Canadian soliders uniforms, how heavy and bulky it is. The amount of mud caked on these uniforms, with the deep mud it made walking and living conditions hell. No wonder trench foot and other nasty alignments was common amoungst those lucky enough to survive.