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4 August 2013

WW1: Third battle of Ypres

Taking up shells by motor-driven light railway during the phase known as the Battle of Langemarck, near Elverdinghe, 19 August 1917.

This photo gives us today a sense of what happened in the Great War and how different it was from today. Look at the car come train giving the necessary method to transport to take supplies to the front, it cannot be going fast as the man at the back seems to be leaning against it, maybe keeping the shells on or just needing a something to lean on while walking. He must have drawn the short straw as the other soldiers are sat on it.  The background looks rather plush, so it must be a little distance away from the muddy fields, woods, that we associate with Ypres.

9 April 2012

WW1 Canadian Soilders: Flanders Fields

Canadian stretcher bearers in Flanders fields from 1915, around the time that army physician John McCrae wrote his now world famous poem In Flanders Fields.

9 July 2011

Canadian soliders Somme WW1

I really like this photo, it tells us alot of things about the time and espcially how hard it was for those that were in battle at the Somme. Look at the Canadian soliders uniforms, how heavy and bulky it is. The amount of mud caked on these uniforms, with the deep mud it made walking and living conditions hell. No wonder trench foot and other nasty alignments was common amoungst those lucky enough to survive.

30 June 2011

WW1 Passchendaele destruction site

Pretty amazing photo, with the light over the battlefield. I believe this is the battle of passchendaele 1917 WW1.