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7 January 2014

1800's Photos: Logging, trains and spiked suits.

 Logging North America late 1800s. As we can see two horses are meant to pull a whole lot of wood and men on a slay across icy/winter ground. Not sure about how safe the load looks! I am sure they knew what they were doing.

In the late 1800s railway across North America was a huge savior for the logging industry, allowing their products to be sent all across the country.

It seems a rather bizarre suit at first, what on earth could be its purpose of this in the 1800s? It was made of leather and had huge spikes attached. Hunters specifically hunters where bears roamed would wear these to protect themselves and warn off any bears having a swipe at them. The spikes would make sure they did not do it again.

19 October 2012

1800's Photos Part 4: Frozen Building!

When water was used to put out a burning building in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in the late 19th century, the air temperature was so cold that the water quickly turned to ice.

11 June 2012

1800's Photo collection 1: Fitness freak; Kid Miners

 I have been trying to figure out how this machine helps with fitness!? lol it moves his pelvic up and down. An 1800's verson of the treadmill.

I wonder how many children growing up realise not so long ago kids had to work for their living, generally in crap jobs that were unsafe. Lots of kids would go into mines from 7-8 years old onwards, long days, poor conditions, low pay. At least they got gloves :)