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6 January 2014

WW1 Recruitment photos collection

I have often posted pictures of posters used in WW1 that were used to recruit for the forces. But I have found very few interesting images of people actually getting recruited. Hopefully this gives people some sense of the mass scale in which men signed up for WW1, the huge vacuum left of men of a certain age after the war.

This looks likes the recruitment stall is taking place in a city square, with large statue behind it. Gramophone most probably playing music or Propaganda.   Maybe the crowd are gathered for the photo or just that it might be the start of the War and this is the first drive to enlist men? The military man sat down seems to have a non British uniform on, looks North American.

A somewhat less grande recruitment setting but it seems to be drawing in the men to enlist. We can see from the mens facial expressions they look a little worried.

One step down the recruitment chain would be to get the men the correct uniform, turn up for medicals and getting the rest of their kit. 

Two of the new recruits must be still in the teens, I am guessing they had no idea what hell would await them in the battlefields...