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16 July 2012

Chariots of Fire: THE Olympic Movie


For those that don't know Chariots of Fire is a movie about the Olympic games in Paris 1924. I recently watched a documentary on film and the characters in the movie. It was incredibly interesting finding out how they lead their life's before, during and after the Olympics.

Still set in an period of history where the Olympics where very much an hobby pursuit. Full time coaches, being professional in your approach were unheard off. This movie guides you through a number of friends from Britain who participate in the Olympics.

Not only is the movie a fantastic story, but a really heartwarming vision from its director. Almost as famous as the movie is the soundtrack. For people reading this blog that have not seen Chariots of Fire do so now! it will set you up nicely for the 2012 London Olympics.

2 July 2012

Olympic Games Posters: 1924 Games in Paris

 Inspired by the London Olympic games 2012 and watching Chariots of fire again! here are some of the posters from the Paris Games. Considered by many as the first modern Olympic's.

Nothing amazing with these posters, but a reminder on what the games used to be like. Only 3000 people took place in the Paris games from around the world.