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30 June 2013

Are we downhearted?: 1916

Two disabled soldiers on the grounds of the 4th London General Hospital. Lots to love about this photo, the chair looks like a wooden house chair converted into a wheelchair, well used and comfy. Both of the soldiers look rather happy, pipe in hand the other donning his hat. Happy days indeed.

31 January 2013

WW1 Passchendaele: Stretchers & Bandages

We all know how grim Pashendale was during WW1, mud, total destruction and a cruel life for the soldiers in the trenches. Perish the thought you actually got injured there, because this would be a typical example of the treatment you got! 

Find a small bit of flat terrain to place a solider on. Get various bits of bandages you can find and place on given solider whilst smoking a well earned fag.  Gather a stick and wrap around soldier's broken or damaged leg so it don't move. Dodge incoming fire until you are stretchered off home.

13 November 2012

WW1 Injured Soliders, BoardWalk Empire

One of my Favorite shows is Boardwalk Empire, a story shot in America just after WW1. One of the leading characters had half his face blown off in the War. He wears a protective mask to hide his disfigured face. WW1 was the first time for many they had to deal with mass amounts of men, troops coming back injured, wounded, badly scared etc.

Wounded Canadians en route to Blighty (England). Just look at the poor chaps, covered with bandages around the face, left with a life or pain and suffering.