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14 November 2013

Iconic Gangster movie images

We all like a good gangster movie, for the last 100 years or so there have been some cracking movies that let us delve into the underworld. Edward G. Robinson above was one of the first actors to embrace this genre of movie.

Gangs of New York gave us a slice of like for immigrant gangs in early New York history. No one can forget the meat cleavers for weapons in alot of the fight scenes.

Take away the very famous God Father trilogy of films and Scarface an often underrated and overlooked gangster move is Once upon a time in America. Set around the time of prohibition it follows a young gang making its way in New York. De'Niro, Sergio Leone, James Woods, Joe Pesci along with Ennio Morricone providing the music what more would you wish for?!

A modern gangster film that was both popular and a critical success was the Untouchables. An excellent cast provided us with yet another prohibition themed gangster movie.