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4 January 2014

WW1 Propaganda: The Start of the Great War.

I like this one, if your man does not sign up for WW1 is he right for you? likely to neglect you  as he did his country?  Very much the duty of ALL men to sign up and fight the enemy.

This poster gives the real impression that signing up can be a man real prospects in life. Unskilled or not there was a place for you.

There were a number of WW1 posters referring to "Remember Belgium". At the start of WW1 Germany invaded Belgium with such brutality to civilians it was used as a tool across Europe to sign people up against the enemy for a number of years following the event.

10 February 2012

WW1 Propaganda Poster: Funny

I have posted about 20+ WW1 & WW2 posters on this blog, there are plenty more to find and view but they are all pretty much standard like the one above. The funny thing about this is that it states there is 'Room for you' but to me the train looks a little packed. Absolutely no chance others will be getting on that one!

9 January 2012

WW1 Propaganda Posters: The Lusitania &

 Did not realise until I discovered this poster what the Lusitania was, but my guess was a huge boat the Germans sunk in the WW1. Britain using every tactic in the book to boost numbers in the forces at the time. Found a really interesting book about it

Was this due to lack of food and rations? Wanting the resources to go to the troops? Maybe all food was short in WW1 and people being prudent in every aspect of their lives helped the troops keep stocked up on vitals.

4 January 2012

WW1 Propaganda Poster: Tobacco & Jobs!

"Help her fill a pipe". Another mind boggling poster where the need for men at the front to have tobacco was a real priority. The nurse helping the poor wounded solider so he can relax with a pipe, genius.

This is a poster created at the end of WW1. It's again pretty shocking to us now but I bet in its day people wouldn't think anything wrong with it. Never employee Germans, do not buy anything remotely German looking!

3 January 2012

WW1 Propaganda posters. Crusades and Eggs!

Really like this poster, pushing the image of the Crusades from 100's of years ago! Well in WW1 they still do use horses so its not too far from the truth right? Did America have a poster generation department where they would spend days thinking of the right themes to get those poor sods to sign up to?

Well just as you think you seen most WW1 themed posters I found this one where the War effort requested more eggs. Shiploads of Eggs sent by the Canadians to feed us British during the long war. Looking at the size of the Chicken in the poster I don't think we had  have much problem lol.

9 December 2011

WW1 Propaganda Posters (Part2)

 Having now found a large collection of WW1 posters from around the world its time to start placing them up on the blog. Funny one the first, anti-conscription from Aussie. Maybe they knew what Gallipoli would be like?
 Very nice one above, they did like to use stereotypes back in the day! Joan of Arc used to buy war saving stamps.

This must have been a local Irish hero, slaying 10 Germans for the cause and others can be like him too. Did Michael O'Leary do the rounds at recruitment fairs for years to come? or did they send him back to the Somme?

24 July 2011

WW1 Propaganda Posters

 Lots of interesting WW1 propaganda posters on the net to look at. Many asking for men to come forward and join the forces to fight evil! But many asked for us to do all sorts of things, buy government bonds, contribute scrap metal, grow your own food, the list goes on and on.