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31 January 2013

WW1 Passchendaele: Stretchers & Bandages

We all know how grim Pashendale was during WW1, mud, total destruction and a cruel life for the soldiers in the trenches. Perish the thought you actually got injured there, because this would be a typical example of the treatment you got! 

Find a small bit of flat terrain to place a solider on. Get various bits of bandages you can find and place on given solider whilst smoking a well earned fag.  Gather a stick and wrap around soldier's broken or damaged leg so it don't move. Dodge incoming fire until you are stretchered off home.

9 November 2012

WW2 Passchendaele 1917: Canadian Troops, Mud!

Men of a Canadian machine-gun company huddle in shell holes at Passchendaele, November 1917. Now I really like this photo. It looks nothing more than a muddy hell hole, its hard to even see their are people in the picture! They had to stay in those holes for days on end, firing at the enemy and keeping guard. No wonder they ended up with so many horrid alignments, trench foot etc. As far as the eye can see the landscape looks the same, muddy, holes no trees, wildlife.

This photo also from Passchendaele shows the problems that the troops had. Guns wedged, stuck in mud, wooden slats trying to save it from sinking. Moving these blighters must have been a right bugger. They would use horses for this.

30 June 2011

WW1 Passchendaele destruction site

Pretty amazing photo, with the light over the battlefield. I believe this is the battle of passchendaele 1917 WW1.