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7 March 2014

WW2: London Bombing

1940 WW2, London Docklands. The German bombing of England was more frequent and cities and towns up and down the country were beginning to witness nightly attacks. Here we see Docklands terrace housing area where bombs have completely destroyed a street, total destruction.

27 June 2012


A view of London's Onslow Square, showing the ablution and mess huts which have been constructed in the road to house the builders (groups of whom can be seen around the Square) of the 'Blitz Repair Squad'. This Squad is a team of builders who have come to London from various parts of the country to help repair damage caused by V1 flying bombs. The camp was originally intended for use by refugees from Normandy, but is used instead by the building teams, who are billeted in many of the houses around the Square.

2 October 2011

Danger WW2 Blitz worker!

This hardy soul sure it earning his money. Perched on the top of a chimney stack knocking it down, the rest of the building destroyed by the blitz in WW2.  Did they have risk assesment in the 1940's? lol

7 September 2011

Huge bunker from Blitz 1940

At first I thought this photo was a mash up of two different times with the really unusual colours. But its an original photo from 1940 showing a huge bunker, hole left from the blitz. The bus seems to have been in real trouble and plunged into the bottom of it. This is in London and it just shows you the power of the bombs dropped on the country.

20 July 2011

Delivering Milk in the Blitz! 1940 London

You think bombing London day and night would stop normal life? Not a chance, as you can see from this photo the Milkman is making his rounds and by the looks of it plenty of milk to deliver. This was from London in 1940