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18 November 2011

WW2 Dresden Destruction

A view taken from Dresden's town hall of the destroyed Old Town after the allied bombings between February 13 and 15, 1945. Some 3,600 aircraft dropped more than 3,900 tons of high-explosive bombs and incendiary devices on the German city. The resulting firestorm destroyed 15 square miles of the city center, and killed more than 22,000.

13 July 2011

WW2 Blitz, Kids taking cover!

Kids taking cover in a trench during the blitz in WW2. I think by the looks of their faces they seems fasinated and scared all in one.

28 June 2011

WW2 blitz Kids with masks

It does look a little freaky but during WW2 and the Blitz that hit the country children would wear gas masks when moving about in danger zones. Wonder how much they could actually breath in one of those! An interesting side note that one was sold on the show "pawn stars" this year :) I think he bought it for a decent chunk.

9 June 2011

London Blitz WW2

London Blitz started in September 1940 during WW2. This photo for me is really interesting, just look at the near total devastation caused by the bombing at this bookshop/Library. Yet the people are browsing the books what can only be hours or  days after it was hit. Carrying on normal life activities in the face of adversity! No wonder we won the war.

15 February 2011

World War 2 Blitz

World War 2: A double decker bus, advertising Swan Vesta matches, in a bomb crater in Balham, London, during the Blitz. October 1940