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4 January 2014

WW1 Propaganda: The Start of the Great War.

I like this one, if your man does not sign up for WW1 is he right for you? likely to neglect you  as he did his country?  Very much the duty of ALL men to sign up and fight the enemy.

This poster gives the real impression that signing up can be a man real prospects in life. Unskilled or not there was a place for you.

There were a number of WW1 posters referring to "Remember Belgium". At the start of WW1 Germany invaded Belgium with such brutality to civilians it was used as a tool across Europe to sign people up against the enemy for a number of years following the event.

24 August 2012

WW1 Propaganda Posters: Go West Gay men, Funny rations advice

I guess in those days the Pet Shop boys were not about with the flashy videos with muscular men in them. Maybe they got the idea of those videos from this WW1 propaganda poster? Was this a huge pull to get men to sign up for the navy in WW1? I have my doubts.

I have looked  at over 300 propaganda posters from around the world over a number of conflicts but I have never seen one so mental as this. Eat more cottage cheese :P lol. It's protein value is more than various bits and bobs of meat which are rarer and more of a drain on the countries resources. They provide a lovely recipe card with how to you cottage cheese.

On a personal note I found it hard to remember the last time I actually had cottage cheese, we used to have it alot growing up, especially with salads yum yum. A guess would be 10 years ago on my last cottage cheese experience :) maybe I will get a tub from marks & sparks next week.

23 May 2012

WW1 Propaganda Posters: Thrift! & Uncle Sam

 I really love the word 'Thrift', its rare I hear it these days and for that reason this poster from WW1 is being placed up! Encouraging people to buy stamps for the cause in this poster.

You cannot beat an image of Sam with a bayonet. Are they explosions in the background? fireworks? Another poster around the time of the first world war, bringing out national pride in America and encourage people to help out whichever way they can.