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16 November 2012

The curse of King Tutankhamun, Valley of the kings

Valley of the Kings: The entrance to Abu Simbel is the most amazing part, with four giant statues of Rameses II. Look at the scale of the statues! just grasp the size of them compared to the people walking by. How long did these take to make and how many slaves/workers did they use? nothing it seemed was beyond the realms of possibility when it came to the Egyptians and their tombs.

 In the late 1800's Howard Carter like many others went to Egypt to discover lost tombs and treasures from the past. With the backing of wealthy folk from back home we was able to spend years (literally 30+) searching for undiscovered tombs. In 1922 he hit the jackpot when he found King Tutankhamun's tomb. The amazing thing was it was completely intact, not robbed at all. The only tomb that has been discovered that had not been robbed.

As we can see inside Tut's tomb the lavish untouched chambers. The condition of the walls and artifacts were pristine. But the discovery of the tomb did come at a price. There was talk of a curse hitting the party involved in the expedition. Many died soon after but Howard Carter bucked the trend and lived to the ripe old age of 62. We don't get to see many photo's of inside tombs in the Valley of the Kings as it is forbidden, color on the walls would fade with people using camera's so only the official photos are available. Even more reason to go visit and see inside them yourself.

18 October 2012

Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings is one of those mystical places that still exist in the world today. An area within Egypt it contains many of the Tombs of the past Kings and Queens. Tutankhamun, Ramses, Seti etc, the remains all are scattered across the vast desert land.

Alot of these were only actually discovered relatively recently in history, with the age of archeologists and adventurers (Indian Jones) the Tombs of those famous historic figures can now be unwrapped and we can learn about ancient Egypt and their people. 

Many of the Tombs are deep down in the ground, through various tunnels and traps. This had meant that a lot of the hidden chambers were kept in excellent condition and far away from the looters hands! The photo above you can see how well preserved the chamber is with the hieroglyphics around the walls.