20 October 2011

WW2 & WW1 Propaganda Posters

Pretty standard WW2 poster, fighting in the Pacific meant alot of racial slurs on Asians and poster like this were common.

Looks appealing right? recruiting fellow Aussies ANZACs calls (Australian New Zealand Army Corps)  Gallipoli,Turkey 1915. If only they knew of the bumbling idiots that would be leading them into certain death there.


  1. Wow it's almost as if their anger is expressed through the posters, as they are so rough and direct. These posters are also effective because they are directed at you as an individual instead of just referring to a general population. This makes you feel like the poster is practically speaking to you, therefore impacting and pressuring you more.

  2. Thisa is oneof my propaganda things for school thanks

  3. Hi I started a Project on Kickstarter: 100 Years, 100 Posters. A book collection of the best Posters of WW! 1917-1918


    Maybe you like it!