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30 September 2013

Kes: Too Yorkshire to make it good

For those that don't know, Kes was a film set in South Yorkshire. It was pretty good, reading the history of the film its amusing how the broad Yorkshire accents put off most people from bothering to watch it.

One of the all time classic scenes from the film was with Brian Glover. a PE teacher educating the boys on the finer arts of footy! Hilarious how its so close to the truth in so many schools at the time. Man Utd top and' all.  Our hero goes in goals and has a reet time of it I tell thee.

 A lot of the film is centered around the relationship of a troubled boy and his kestrel to escape the crappy world he finds himself in.

The school scenes are funny even today, punishment in those days revolved around long sticks and fear!

Ken Loach really has done some brilliant films over the years, a master of his craft. The grim reality of Barnsley in the 60s was excellently portrayed in Kes, just not sure the world was ready for it then.