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25 October 2012

WW2 Propaganda Posters: Festive Cheer

Yes its coming up to Xmas and so we can start rolling out all the festive photo's for the blog. I guess due to the large number of Posters America used during WW2 is comes as no surprise Santa reared his ugly head!

6 September 2012

WW2 Propaganda Poster: Comic strip twist

I have posted a fair few Propaganda posters on this blog, virtually half of them warning people not to speak  idle words, showing what can happen if they do so. This by the way of a comic strip pretty much tells us a story of what can happen. Not typical for posters but one assumes people stopped and read the thing or were handed to them in leaflets to read. 

Cliffs of the comic: Geezer tells waiter when he leaves on a ship, someone overheard and tells someone else, that person tell spy and they inform enemy who bomb ship. 

Was idle chit chat such a huge problem or was it just paranoia?

25 July 2012

Bizzare WW2 Propaganda Poster: Hang out

Found this today and it's rather funny. Hitler's image on the pee pot for one :) the hanging out text when refering to men going to the toilet. There are literally hundreds of posters from WW1 & WW2 that outline the danger of idle chit chat, i guess they thought it was a huge problem?

20 June 2012

WW1 & WW2 Propoganda: Belgium 1918 War ending; WW2 Stamps

Found this in with a bunch of other Propaganda  posters. It is a little different though, an artist picture of the end of the 1st World War (WW1). Two soldiers on a battlefield showing little emotion it has to be said. I guess this was used for years to come to celebrate the ending of the Great War, never forget.

This was a pretty standard poster for USA WW2. It was all about getting people to save, buy stamps, do their bit for the war effort. Using the stamps as ammunition going into the gun.

3 April 2012

WW2 American Propaganda Poster: Yamamoto's aggression

American propaganda poster depicting Yamamoto's aggression, circa 1943. Its interesting how much Europe forgets the influence Japan had on getting America to join the allied forces in WW2. It feels like they were the number one enemy to America.  Anyway a not so subtle hint of what could happen seemed to be the message of this poster.

22 March 2012

WW2 American Propaganda Posters: These colors Won't run; Aces

 WW2 American Propaganda Poster with a rather catchy line. "These colors won't run" I have heard this said in a fair few movies over the years. I guess Pearl Harbor had a huge impact on USA so was used to fuel the motivation for men to sign up to fight the Japanese and Nazi's.
Another American WW2 poster this time with a poker twist. Three cards depicting the three leaders of Italy, Japan and Germany. Aces as always is the best starting hand so they get to trump anything else, escuse the puns.

17 March 2012

WW2 American Propaganda Posters: Smack the Jap; Snakes

 An American Poster from WW2. Many of the posters would use derogatory words for the Japanese and Germans. You have specific posters for each of the different services, Army, Navy etc.

Again from American in WW2. The use of something evil, nasty to depict  the enemy. Not 100% sure what the chain through the snake is supposed to represent.

14 March 2012

WW2 Propaganda Poster: English Map; Daddy Great War

Not seen this one before, just  a standard map of Great Britain asking for army recruits. This is from the start of WW2.

I like this one, from WW2 where the children asking their father what he did in the Great War (WW1 is often refered to as this). A guilt trip to get people signed up for WW2 so you wont be in the situation in the future.

6 March 2012

WW2 Propaganda Posters: Enemy propaganda, War bonds

Not really posted many if any WW2 posters from American so here a few. Standard them against us message. Interesting drawing of the enemy!

Most WW2 posters you see in America were asking people to save, help out the best they could. Generally buying War bonds was popular to fund the war effort.

18 January 2012

WW1 Propaganda Posters: Know your place & Woodys

 I have seen a fair few of similar theme posters in both WW1 & WW2. At least this one  has a nifty catchphrase. How much did your average Joe Bloggs know about anything remotely interesting to the enemy?
The Canadians had alot of posters recruiting people to help out, I found very few however asking for front line soldiers to be recruited. They were generally like the one above, asking for workers to cut wood, send eggs to Europe, save war bonds etc. How many Canadian soldiers participated in the great war?

12 November 2011

WW2 Propaganda Posters

 Very clever (for the time) play on words here. They do like their cartoon images of the enemy dont they?

Hey I only wanted to get something from the shops and the wife was asleep! Dont lay a guilt trip on me. Every single thing in those days was targeted for the war effort.