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15 January 2014

WW1 Propaganda Posters: Travel the World, Eat more cottage cheese

Times change and in the early 1900's only the very fortunate, middle class and rich actually went on holidays. So a key plus for recruiting so called 'normal' infantry was the chance for them to travel around the world. Although most would end up in a small part of Europe in a wet trench.

Changing peoples diet was essential in maintaining resources going to the front line and keeping up the War effort. Explaining that eating less meat and viable alternatives such as cottage cheese can provide the protein needed.

14 January 2014

WW1 Propaganda: German cage, Australians Arise.

As a change I have selected a German WW1 propaganda poster. It shows the British Lion caged, crying and weak. This would give the impression to the Germans that we were there for the taking, swept under Germans power.

Australia played a huge part in WW1 & WW2, both in political influence and sending huge amounts of troops to fight. We can see by the poster that the fear of being 'Germanised' would have been key to recruiting for battle.

28 August 2013

WW1 Propaganda Poster: Make 'um feel guilty!

I have seen a lot of Propaganda posters while doing this blog, this one made me chuckle. How to make the average man who has not enlisted yet feel guilty! 

Great stuff. Are you satisfied with what you are doing? as apposed to traveling for months to get shot at in some awful hell hole in Europe.  Are you happy walking the streets seeing men in Uniforms? What are the consequences of staying at home? 

Canada played a big part in the War and I guess in no small part to posters like this.

5 August 2013

WW1 Propaganda poster: Sportsmen are enlisting!

I have a lot of Propaganda posters on this site, most of them from WW1 and WW2 but today was the first time I have ever seen this one (mild excitement)! It makes sense really, if players from great sporting teams can enlist then the government were keen to tell you about it. 

I have read about whole football teams from the early 1900's just vanishing when all of the brave men enlisted for WW1. No wonder it was around this time that to keep sport going in the country they created lots of women's football teams that sadly disappeared when the War finished.

5 September 2012

WW1 Propaganda Posters: Careless Talk & Fish mouth

 Another set of two posters that were pretty much the standard in WW1. Keeping ones mouth shut! else the consequences are beyond imaginable.
They did make it rather obvious for people to understand. This time a fish is used getting hooked for opening its mouth, clever stuff.

27 August 2012

WW1 Propaganda Posters: More Food Advice!

My final post about food advice posters from WW1. I find it amazing there were so many telling people what and what not to eat in those times.

So ladies and gentleman buy your food with thought, lol. Make sure you cook it with due care and attention. Correct portions and feed the pets whats left over!

Similar theme, eat less of the important stuff they would prefer the troops to get! No meat for us civvies its all about the corn and rye, sounds delightful. No really.

25 August 2012

WW1 Propaganda Poster: Sugar! Sugar Pass the Sugar

Inspired by my recent Cottage cheese poster find I recently found this Sugar poster from WW1. I can see the merit on saving sugar, not throwing it around willy nilly on Fruit or desserts and at least they say only LESS sugar to be used on the important stuff like cake and drinks! lol. What area of peoples  life's were not effected in WW1 & WW2? it seems almost impossible to imagine how little people had in those times, so many resources were needed at the front to keep the troops going.

24 August 2012

WW1 Propaganda Posters: Go West Gay men, Funny rations advice

I guess in those days the Pet Shop boys were not about with the flashy videos with muscular men in them. Maybe they got the idea of those videos from this WW1 propaganda poster? Was this a huge pull to get men to sign up for the navy in WW1? I have my doubts.

I have looked  at over 300 propaganda posters from around the world over a number of conflicts but I have never seen one so mental as this. Eat more cottage cheese :P lol. It's protein value is more than various bits and bobs of meat which are rarer and more of a drain on the countries resources. They provide a lovely recipe card with how to you cottage cheese.

On a personal note I found it hard to remember the last time I actually had cottage cheese, we used to have it alot growing up, especially with salads yum yum. A guess would be 10 years ago on my last cottage cheese experience :) maybe I will get a tub from marks & sparks next week.

20 June 2012

WW1 & WW2 Propoganda: Belgium 1918 War ending; WW2 Stamps

Found this in with a bunch of other Propaganda  posters. It is a little different though, an artist picture of the end of the 1st World War (WW1). Two soldiers on a battlefield showing little emotion it has to be said. I guess this was used for years to come to celebrate the ending of the Great War, never forget.

This was a pretty standard poster for USA WW2. It was all about getting people to save, buy stamps, do their bit for the war effort. Using the stamps as ammunition going into the gun.

23 May 2012

WW1 Propaganda Posters: Thrift! & Uncle Sam

 I really love the word 'Thrift', its rare I hear it these days and for that reason this poster from WW1 is being placed up! Encouraging people to buy stamps for the cause in this poster.

You cannot beat an image of Sam with a bayonet. Are they explosions in the background? fireworks? Another poster around the time of the first world war, bringing out national pride in America and encourage people to help out whichever way they can.