15 January 2014

WW1 Propaganda Posters: Travel the World, Eat more cottage cheese

Times change and in the early 1900's only the very fortunate, middle class and rich actually went on holidays. So a key plus for recruiting so called 'normal' infantry was the chance for them to travel around the world. Although most would end up in a small part of Europe in a wet trench.

Changing peoples diet was essential in maintaining resources going to the front line and keeping up the War effort. Explaining that eating less meat and viable alternatives such as cottage cheese can provide the protein needed.


  1. This poster is represented twice in your blog!
    Great work with finding all those photos. If I refer to your blogspot, would you let me use a few of your pictures for a historical investigation?

  2. Hi there, glad you enjoy looking at them. You can use any photo on here, the more people can see these photos the better!

  3. Matt B i am struggling to reference you in my history assignment on ww1 propaganda, are you able to give me a full name
    My referencing style is apa so a full name is needed