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16 December 2013

Old Festive movies: Alastair Sim & Crew

Miracle on 34th Street originally came out in 1947. Oddly in UK saw it named "The Big heart". It shows how great the story is that it seems timeless, even today I can watch one of the various versions and still enjoy it. It was initially given a morally objectionable rating as there was a divorced mother in the story. Oh how times change.

 It's a Wonderful Life is a 1946 film that again I love watching every year. A cracking story and family movie that at its time had a huge production budget of $3.3 million, only breaking even at the theaters. Not initially critically acclaimed it seems bizarre that this was not a huge hit! Over time of course this has changed into a classic!

We have all watched A Christmas Carol but my favorite version is Scrooge a 1951 film adaptation of Charles Dickens's story. Alastair Sim is so ideal for his role as  Ebenezer Scrooge. Maybe until my kids are a little older the muppets version will have to do!