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7 November 2012

WW2 Propaganda Poster: Rising Sun

Not only is this WW2 Poster clever it has a lot of instructions/guidelines for Americans. Taking care of the rising sun is a reference to Japan in WW2. Fighting in the Pacific is an often overlooked element to WW2 but none the less crucial in how the War panned out. Did people really stop and read all the different lines? Each one being a 'Key' to Victory. We it worked in the end I guess.

3 April 2012

WW2 American Propaganda Poster: Yamamoto's aggression

American propaganda poster depicting Yamamoto's aggression, circa 1943. Its interesting how much Europe forgets the influence Japan had on getting America to join the allied forces in WW2. It feels like they were the number one enemy to America.  Anyway a not so subtle hint of what could happen seemed to be the message of this poster.

22 March 2012

WW2 American Propaganda Posters: These colors Won't run; Aces

 WW2 American Propaganda Poster with a rather catchy line. "These colors won't run" I have heard this said in a fair few movies over the years. I guess Pearl Harbor had a huge impact on USA so was used to fuel the motivation for men to sign up to fight the Japanese and Nazi's.
Another American WW2 poster this time with a poker twist. Three cards depicting the three leaders of Italy, Japan and Germany. Aces as always is the best starting hand so they get to trump anything else, escuse the puns.

17 March 2012

WW2 American Propaganda Posters: Smack the Jap; Snakes

 An American Poster from WW2. Many of the posters would use derogatory words for the Japanese and Germans. You have specific posters for each of the different services, Army, Navy etc.

Again from American in WW2. The use of something evil, nasty to depict  the enemy. Not 100% sure what the chain through the snake is supposed to represent.