24 October 2013

Leeds canal through the ages

Leeds Liverpool canal going through Leeds. This is on the corner of the Royal armories museum that would be built 50 years later. In the distance we can see Mount St Marys high school and church on top of the hill. With Saxton Gardens flats being developed. Much of this area would remain untouched until the 80s and more so in the 2000's where huge blocks of expensive flats and hotels would take the places of the small business that were popular at the time.

Very close to the railway station going through the heart of Leeds city center. A canal lock and barge making its way through the water. Even with all the modern developments a lot of the building have been left and updated into flats and places of work. The architecture remains the same and has a old feel about it. The only boats/barges that come down the canal now are for non commercial reasons.

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