14 February 2012

War Horse: The Movie & History

I was pleased to see this movie come out. Not too fussed about the actual movie plot itself but more the fact it brought to peoples attention the role horses had in various wars. As recent as WW1 horses played a huge role in the war effort.

Not sure if this is a setup pose with the horse but its from  the American Civil war. I do hope it was not a tactic often used to cover behind the horse.

A great example of the horses ability to pull through artillery through muddy fields in WW1. This is from Ypres where the mud was so deep without wooden planks most of the fields were impassable. Horses were still used by the Cavalry in WW1 where weapons were not as sophisticated or ranged as WW2.

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  1. Very nice. Loved the movies, as well as the pictures.