16 February 2011

Gallipoli Campaign 1915

Australian sniper using a periscope rifle at Gallipoli, 1915. He is aided by a spotter with a periscope. The men are believed to belong to the Australian 2nd Light Horse Regiment and the location is probably Quinn's Post.

A few aspects of this photo worth discussing. How uninterested do the men look? they look shattered and most probably have had enough. How on earth can he fire that rifle with any accuracy? a wooden contraption holding it up.

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  1. The soldier third from the left (with his hand to his chin) is my grandfather. When my father (his son) asked him what he was thinking when the photo was taken, he replied "Wishing I was anywhere but here". My grandfather remembered the photographer going through the trenches that day and taking their photo. My grandfather was not part of a Light Horse Regiment, but an infantry division. I would imagine the other soldiers with him were also from that division.